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Corporate Golf Clinics

Tired of typical corporate team-building exercises?  Try golf, and watch your company come together for a fun, healthy experience that supports business goals and good morale.

Golf is a natural fit for corporate events.  The structure of golf is perfect for creative team-building.  Every shot calls for a bit of planning and skill – just like a sales call or business meeting.  A golf instructor can teach most of the technique needed, but some of it is also about going with your gut, taking chances, and hitting the ball where it falls.  These are all great lessons that match up with business success.

Your employees will look forward to getting out of the office and setting foot on the range even if they’ve never golfed before.  It takes place in a fun setting, where your employees can take a deep breath, de-stress, and have some fun.  We will focus on the short game then participants will learn more about golf techniques and the proper swing.

I encourage you to  build in awards and prizes for a bit of friendly competition.  Since the goal is positivity and fun, keep the awards humorous achievable for bad golfers – like shortest drive, worst duffer, most improved, least improved, and best golf outfit.


  • 2 and 3 hour formats

  • range balls included

  • golf instruction and demonstration

  • computer video analysis


Custom options available:

  • email computer video with voice over lesson for your swing

  • shelter

  • catering

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